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Premium Solid Wood Frame Chairs

Premium Solid Wood Frame Chairs

Just Arrived!! - Over 100 Chairs Available. Premium Quality Church Chairs with Solid Wood Back and Frame in Excellent Condition. These extremely handsome, inter-locking, enclosed-back chairs have a durable fabric with a medium oak frame finish for a beautiful, solid wood chair appearance. This beautiful and classic sanctuary chair combines elements of the age-old feel of solid wood pews, with greatly enhanced comfort. The included book racks provide ample, out-of-the way storage for hymnals, bibles, and supplemental books & materials. For ease of transport and storage, these custom sanctuary chairs stack up to 8 high. 20 x 20 x 31 1/2. Typical Retail Price: $195 each. Lowest Wholesale Price (when ordered 50 units or more): $99 each. Fred's Price: $40 each.

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