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Rare Superman Comic

Rare Superman Comic

DC Comics - The Adventures of Superman 500, Back From The Dead, Superman Returns, 1993 In original un-opened packaging. The Funeral is Over by Ordway Grummett & Hazelwood and the Entire Super-Team. Featured Characters: Superman. Supporting Characters: Bibbo Bibbowski , Bill Henderson, Cat Grant ,Jimmy Olsen , Jonathan Kent , Lois Lane , Martha Kent , Ron Troupe. Antagonists: Blaze , Prankster (Oswald Loomis) , Vincent Edge . Other Characters: Cleric (In dream sequence only) , Harry Kent (Single appearance) (In dream sequence only), Gangbuster , Kismet , Charlie (Single appearance) (a police officer) , Peter (Single appearance) (WGBS staff) , Ty (Single appearance) (Daily Planet staff) . This rare collectible comic sells for more than $17 to $30 each and it extremely difficult to find any that are brand new in un-opened plastic. Fred's Price: $10 each.

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