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Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving To Fred.

Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving To Fred.

11/25/14 - Typically, Thanksgiving Day is a time to give thanks for your family, friends and the positive things about your life. This year, Fred's Birthday is also on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 27th. Those of you that know Fred, realize that he is a truly exceptional person. He's a good and loyal friend and someone you can count on.

What you may not realize is the sheer number of people Fred has helped in so many ways over the past 35 years simply out of the generosity of his heart. There are people and ex-employees who return to the store even after 20 years to let Fred know that something he once did or said had a profound positive impact on their lives.

After 35 years in business, Fred is still actively involved in expanding and growing Fred's Unique Furniture. In fact, the past several years have been the most intense of his entire career. It's taken its toll in the loss of free time, social relationships and the ability to help in taking care of his Mom. It's difficult for anyone other than those of us that work here to truly understand what an intense and pressure-packed business this is. There are not many business owners that could handle it for even a year, let alone for nearly 35.

Still, through it all, Fred is as determined as ever to keep moving forward.

So, Happy Birthday to you Fred from all of your employees and friends.