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New Website Just Released - Summary of Changes

New Website Just Released - Summary of Changes

10/10/15 - There's a lot of upgrades and new features “under the hood” that you will quickly discover. The summary appearing below is just a partial list of the most significant changes and improvements. Have fun.

1. Every Menu Bar Option beneath our logo has been reformatted to display more content per screen.
2. The “Furniture” Menu Option Gallery Page has been completely reformatted to feature larger icons with less open space, making it easier to see and navigate.
3. Larger pictures in all Galleries, plus updated Enlarge and all new Full Screen Display Modes.
4. Share any picture in our Galleries directly to your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts.
5. New “Have it Your Way” Picture Gallery Display Options. Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel adjusts the Gallery display to your personal preference, Ctrl + 0 (ie. Zero) resets display to default.