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Bobcat Bonnie's Cafe Wall Mural

Bobcat Bonnie's Cafe Wall Mural

As everyone knows, the Detroit economic revival is going full steam and nowhere is this more apparent than in Detroit's Corktown District where the Bobcat Bonnie's Corktown Cafe is fast becoming known as a "can't miss" destination for good food and good times.

Now take a look at the wall mural inside the soon-to-be-open Bobcat Bonnie's Café in Wyandotte. Owners Matthew Buskard and Joey Salamon are friends of Fred's Unique Furniture and also long time customers. One of their innovative décor ideas involved producing a distinctive wall mural composed of kitchen items, pots, pans and trays, etc. purchased from our Warren Store. With a little imagination and a lot of hard work, it certainly appears they've creative a very special look their customers are going to love.

Although Fred's Furniture stores are primarily known for a wide array of furniture and antiques, business owners frequently stop by for unique and eye-catching accents to help distinguish their businesses from the ordinary.

Fred and all of us at Fred's Unique Furniture wish continued success and good luck to Matt, Joey and the Bobcat Bonnie's Cafes. We look forward to working with you again in the future. If any of you reading this are ever in the Corktown or Wyandotte areas, we encourage you to stop by and enjoy.