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Metromode Names Us Favorite Spot for Upcycling

Metromode Names Us Favorite Spot for Upcycling

02/16/19 - Here's what the Editors of Metomode Detroit recently said about Fred's Unique Furniture:

"Upcycling: 5 Favorite Spots for Your Fix in Metro Detroit.:

Fred's Unique Furniture Best Store for Furniture...and Getting Lost for Hours.

This store dares you to find a diamond in the rough (literally, the website warns you of it’s piles of furniture) but it really does have some gems. The packed warehouses contain everything from vintage dressers to retro slot machines to office chairs, and you could spend days pouring over the bric-a-brac.

The furniture store is not a traditional showroom (consider yourself warned) but its cluttered collections include hotel liquidation furniture, and gently-used office furniture so a lot of businesses turn to Fred’s to outfit a new place. The owners of Bobcat Bonnie's cafe in Wyandotte even created a striking wall mural of kitchen items (pots, pans and trays) from what they found at Fred’s Warren location.

Fred originally launched the store three decades ago in a 200 square-foot shop, and is one of those iconic Detroit characters. He has been featured on the History Channel’s "Detroit Steel", and his stores regularly make the “best of” lists for resale shopping in Detroit."

We would like to thank Metromode Detroit for their very kind review. We are working very hard to complete our new showroom renovation in order to make shopping here an even more convenient and fun experience in the future.