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History Channel's New Show "MobSteel" Episode Shot at Fred's.

History Channel's New Show "MobSteel" Episode Shot at Fred's.

8/10/16 - We thought it would be no big deal, but when the History Channel's MobSteel production staff began arriving at 10 AM, their numbers quickly grew to over 20 people. And this was before the stars of the show even arrived. Our photo insert shows some of the production crew frantically preparing for the day's filming schedule.

Fred's Unique Furniture frequently works with set directors for many major movie and local theatrical production companies, but this is one of the first times we've found ourselves on the other end of the camera.

Once you actually see what goes on behind the scenes for one of these major reality show productions, you immediately develop a huge respect for all the detail, complexity and teamwork that is involved in filming what seems like everyday activity.

Thank you to all the MobSteel crew who participated in this production. Your professionalism and good cheer made the experience enjoyable for everyone.

We're told that the MobSteel episode filmed here will likely be broadcast in January 2017.