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Updated Website Coming Soon

Updated Website Coming Soon

09/24/15 - An Updated Fred's Unique Furniture's Website Will Be Released On Or About October 15th.

We're working hard behind the scenes to convert our existing website to accommodate major changes introduced by the SmugMug development platform. As a result, our existing website will soon be retired on or about October 15th. During this intervening period, you may notice formatting changes to certain pages on the existing site that may appear unusual or misaligned. Unfortunately, these anomalies may continue on our existing site up until the time we Publish the new website on or around October 15th.

Ironically, even tho the technical changes we are making are significant, our hope is for the new site to operate and look very similar to the way it does now.

We will give you a bit of a tease and reveal that there will be some significant improvements in the way pictures are displayed and enlarged, including a new high resolution full screen mode. Pictures in all of our Galleries will also be bigger and more robust, making it easier to see the details of an item and better evaluate its condition. There will also be some navigation changes that will make it easier to turn pages within a Gallery.

Our goal is to make this forthcoming transition as easy and painless as possible for our existing website users during the next few weeks before the October 15th changeover. We will keep you informed of progress and further details in the News and Just Arrived Galleries of our website, so stay tuned.